Julep Unboxing: July 2015 Drenched


I ordered a special box this time (It had everything I had been wanting to buy)

Price of the box: $29.99

What I would have paid: $65.60

-Rethink Your Shower

-It’s Fun to Exfoliate

-Bare Face Cleansing Oil


-It’s Fun to Exfoliate

-Queen Anne

-Nail Decals: Gold Anchor

Free Gifts:

-llsa Polish

-Twirl Lipstick

***I did pay more this month because of the add-ons. The box is typically 24.99. I spent $5 more to get Bare Face which runs to about $23 for Mavens. The add-ons were extra things I had wanted and were great for the price I received it at. It’s fun to exfoliate is the bigger Konjac sponge. IT IS AMAZING. Worth getting an extra.

Total: $42.97

Just my box alone would have cost more than what I paid.


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