Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone enjoys this day with friends and family. May you all stay safe. As for my other viewers, thank you for being apart of this community. It means a lot to have people I can share the same interest with.

My family and I have a pretty laid back plan. Fireworks to watch from our home (hoping we can see some from here). I bought sparklers for the kiddos to look at and some “pop it” for Charlotte Faye to throw around. We should have pizza and Starbucks of course. lol. No BBQ this year, but the kids won’t miss it. Pizza is their favorite.

This year, I feel like I’m harboring a little bit more sentimental feelings towards the 4th of July after brushing up on my history a bit (I was really rusty, and I always sucked at dates and names. I understood more of the concepts and storyline). If you don’t know already, current events sparked a firestorm of rehashing history (from those who don’t take the time to read the facts to those who do) in this country. Everyone seemed to have some form of an opinion. I thank my husband for indulging my geekiness in wanting to grab for the books. While I refer to things online, it wasn’t enough. So, here I am… still reading and appreciating all that this country has offered me and the changes it has undergone.


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