THAT Busy Tone

I think everyone that blogs goes through it. Heck, everyone goes through it in life. It’s that “busy tone” time. You’re so busy… everything that you use to make time for is dialing into your life only to receive the busy tone on the other end. It’s okay!

You haven’t disconnected and it’s temporary. I’ve been so busy… I decided to write about a blog to explain that I’ve been so busy. U_U Okay, now I wish I had taken the time to just post about something I’ve been working on. But, here I am! lol.

Just letting everyone who continues to view, like, add, and comment that I’m still working on things. In fact, Nerd Block and Julep should be coming soon. The rest of the items I used will be reviewed. And, we can’t forget more summer inspiration outfits!!

Thank you! You guys keep this blog alive. I log in and see the activity and feel so grateful. The viewers are definitely the blood source of this blog that helps promote the positivity through beauty and confidence. Everyone who has stayed on and have added me, thanks for spreading Moyamoya Awareness.

4 thoughts on “THAT Busy Tone

  1. Take your time. Life happens sometimes, we understand. c8 We totally dig your blog and content so don’t worry. We know you post some good stuff so patience is a virtue. :p

    1. Thank you Kayla ❤ I appreciate you kind words. It's viewers like you that helps keep me motivated and the blog going. 🙂 Have a great weekend coming up.

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