OOTD: Lace in Summer

Summer inspiration for those wanting something a little different.


This dress was originally supposed to be an off the shoulder dress (I wore it this way to show the options available to you when styling it).

DSCN1927 (2)DSCN1950

-Dress is from Forever 21

-long accent necklace Etsy

-short charm heart necklace (Forever 21)

-Sandals (Forever 21 brand)

***I love the color (beige) and flow of this dress. The color choice is classic. It’s light enough for summer, but can easily transition into any season. The fit of the dress is meant for it to be more oversized- a plus for those wanting something that differs from the usual form-fitting style. I used the long accent necklace to trim the oversized look a bit. My favorite part of this dress is the detail. The lace and imperfect finished hem is so unique. It’s a lovely feminine piece that I think any female will love having.

**Hubby was a great photographer, thanks baby. The kids were amazing…**


3 thoughts on “OOTD: Lace in Summer

    1. Thank you it is. It’s a nice material too (light but not see-through). I haven’t tried it on with a belt, but I’m sure a nice brown belt will look good with it. It reminds me of some of my shift dresses. I wear belts with those and they look great singed.

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