Nerd Block: British Invasion

What I thought about Nerd Block?

I had initially wanted to get Nerd Block for my husband. But, after researching different geek/nerd subscription boxes… I became drawn to Loot Crate (to be honest there’s apart of me that still wants to try it out.) But, this was to be my husband’s subscription box. It had to be something he was excited about. So, in my efforts to change his mind, we watched YouTube and VBlogs to compare the boxes (we looked at past boxes).

Based on those, it seemed Nerd Block gave you more for your money. A big PLUS! I can’t speak for my husband, but I did start to like the items placed in Nerd Block more than the other subscriptions. I do like that there is a shirt in each box, which at least pays for the box already. Everything else seems like extra. Another thing I like is that you can pick the size (many different sizes available) of the shirt. His shirts should fit him pretty well and not look like a sack potatoes in it.

I had high expectations for July’s box. Having grown up watching Mr. Bean… I couldn’t help but laugh at owning my own bear (I say MINE since my husband wasn’t too thrilled about it anyways). The Monty magnets was a nice touch and reminded me of the movie, another thing to grin about. If you haven’t watch it… DO IT NOW! lol

Oh, and Sherlock shirt? YES, score! I wasn’t sure at first, but the Sherlock fan in me… was screaming that the Sherlock essence was there. If you haven’t watched the show… it’s one of my top favorites. It’s definitely a must see.

So has Nerd Block changed me? Yes. Completely? Not quite. Send me a few Sailor Moon items and I’m a forever fan.

5 thoughts on “Nerd Block: British Invasion

    1. Lol! It was a great Father’s Day gift that he gets to have every month AFTER the “holiday”. You should still get it. I think there should be more time for the July. There might be an Indian Jones type of feel to it? I’m not really sure. Don’t quote me on that. But, I think it has something to do with saving the world?

    2. Wait, I completely read that wrong… I think you can switch boxes if you want. OOPs you already have it. Good job! 🙂 You just have to email them if the boxes cost the same, you can swap boxes and then back to the comic book box.

  1. I agree, this box is cool in that it includes a t shirt every time! the rest of the items seem cool. I am a fan of Mr. Bean (and well anything Rowan Atkinson has done, though I may have misspelled his name!)

    1. It’s okay.. Rowan Atkinson will have to just understand 😉 It’s a great perk. I would have wanted some terminator items too though from your loot crate. LOL. But, then it would be off the theme.

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