PSA: Upcoming Reviews

I keep harping about doing reviews.. but they seem to come few and far in between? (lol) It’s on purpose, but not really.

Why is it taking so long?

  1. I’m mindful of the other products I’m using and want to make sure I’m not over using the same “kind” of product at the same time. It allows me to know which product is doing what (if they are similar, so I usually finish one first or do a good test run of each)
  2. I always (if the product allows/or it’s that kind of product) to use it between 2 weeks- 1 month. I noticed this gives the product a fair review and the audience a better review they can see over time.
  3. I have quite a few coming in to be reviewed (some for my husband) that I’m having to do.

I do try to document the progress though (there’s a list of unpublished post). I promise it really is in the works.

****On a side note, I just found out what PSA stands for and am excited about using it haha*****

Thanks again guys! Oh, and I just received a notification that TODAY is the highest amount of “likes” I received. You guys are absolutely amazing.


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