Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

A tribute to the BEST kind of dad a kid could EVER have.

DSCN1651 (2)

Happy Father’s Day

The White Gi was a thrifted item that was modified. The cloaks  are handmade. Look out for the upcoming blog detailing the step-by-step process and the final outcome.

21 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

  1. hmm, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I see your posts in my reader, then click to view and do not see them? any advice on this? I was curious to read them!

      1. um, all the recent ones? I’m gonna try to view it with my adblocker off now tho. maybe its the theme you have. I’m no expert here. let you know in a min on outcome of the adblock off test.

      2. yes, adblocker is doing something. turn off, I see your posts. that is fine, don’t worry (though lots do use this little thing I do to block ads). I’ll just turn it off temporary when I want to see your posts! I do that for many other things anyways. just don’t like seeing images on sites for “amazing diet pill—REALLY works!!” you know the type

      3. well its still odd to me, I can see all other blogs just fine. and its not like your images are ads. they are just blog posts. so yeah, I have no idea here on why that is occurring. I guess it could affect your google search views (which are the main traffic source for me), if that is important to you

      4. Yes it is. My main purpose is to also spread MoyaMoya Awareness. I wonder if it’s how my blog is set up. Based on Images really… on my home page

      5. I just meant, maybe ppl find you via google then can’t see like I couldn’t, and don’t know why so then, well, that defeats the purpose. if you change your theme, let me know, I can go check and see if it appears like normal even with the adblocker on (it usually does, you are the first! I think. but all these new themes, you know)

      6. I haven’t deleted all of the spammers though. Though I tried. I wonder if that’s what’s stopping it too. -__- I really hated falling for that.

      7. hmm. go click on the “my sites” at the top. then click on… “wp admin”…then go click on “comments”. delete what you want or even unapprove the worst and mark them as spam (askismet learns if you do that, just don’t delete them once in the spam thingy, let it time out, the spammers will get marked then, have more trouble doing their “thing”). wordpress currently likes to make it seem like its best to just post from the main area, but the “wp admin” area is WAY better, more control, etc. you can also go in there, make the settings so you have to approve all comments and stuff. its up to you how to do it. I set mine to hardcore, review it all, just prevent weirdo stuff showing up giving some spammer free ads on my site here.

      8. Yes. I can tell with one of the posts that I allowed one spammer.. ALL of them are spamming on that post. -__- But, I have the approving comments set… it does allow you to comment w/o approval once I approve it though. Which I find is fine. I usually have the same people commenting and liking things. I didn’t know that about deleting the spam once its just on the spam que. I’ll stop deleteting the ones it blocks and just let it time out like you said.

      9. just heard that, from this expert person who helps in the forums. she said, leave them in the spam folder. until they auto delete in 2 weeks or whatever its set for. then the thing “Learns” somehow. well I’ve seen regular bloggers have this occur too if they do the whole say same thing to many, not reading, probably annoy more than one blogger. then they get all to wondering why they can’t comment lol.

      10. also , ask me anything, I may seem new here, but I’m not. had other blogs. originally long ago, mom wanted to do blogging here with me, I just had a photo blog. later some other attempts as not sure what I wanted. this is now what I want to do though. I usually do not like the changes wordpress does nor do I like what they say is “the easiest” way to post. I post all from the “wp admin” , more options, more control

      11. Funny you say that. I like and do the same. I get more information about my site that way too. Thanks I will. I’m changing stuff around with my theme too… I’m just glad someone was able to point it out.

      12. I get super curious and was actually rather bugged I could not read the stuff I wanted to on your blog! lol. I *needed* to read it! so had to let you know. oh and sometimes I just read, not comment. I don’t follow tons, I’ll see your posts unless I’m away for a week or two.

      13. Lol, so in a sense it was baiting you! haha love it. Have a great week. I appreciate it. I’m just really happy with what this blog has accomplished so far as far as helping some find groups about Moyamoya. Plus I just like to blog about fashion/beauty stuff too.

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