Nerd Block Review: June

Theme: British Invasion

We started a new subscription that we (specifically a box for my husband) are VERY excited about. We looked into Loot Crate and 1Up boxes but ultimately, Nerd Block got his vote.

Why Nerd Block?

  1. Compared unboxing videos of the boxes and felt he would get more out of his money’s worth with Nerd Block
  2. Certain public figures (he follows) speak volumes about quality of box
  3. It’s a nice break from the mundane of bills and a treat to himself with something he’s really interested in.
  4. Multiple boxes to choose from.
  5. It comes to you. “A gift every month.” It’s definitely that small reward every month in an age where we are constantly “saving” and staying on track.


Cost of box: $19.99/month

Value: $65 roughly from the lowest price value.

***Had to guess on some of the exclusive items.***


  1. “Bored” Sherlock T-shirt (exclusive shirt, I will price it at $20.00)
  2. Mr. Bean Teddy (Price rangest from $5 at ebay -$17 at certain stores)
  3. Mr. Bean Bendable (Price range $8-$18.00)
  4. Monty Magnets (I couldn’t locate a price. Maybe $5)
  5. Whovian Art Print (Couldn’t locate price. Maybe $2??)
  6. Dr. Who Titan Figure ($24.99)

4 thoughts on “Nerd Block Review: June

  1. here’s the post I REALLY wanted to see! nerd that I am. looks like cool stuff. If I had infinite money, I’d sub to all these types of boxes. I got nerd block once long ago, did like it. now just get loot crate as its a bit cheaper for me. sorta want a horror box tho. there’s a few around. and that comic con box! tho perhaps family may want to know what I want for xmas or bday and I’ll say “3 months of this nerdy box please”

    1. I was leaning towards Loot crate more but had to choose (not having infinite money issues). Nerd Block won my husband over… though some of the unboxing vids of Loot Crate is awesome for June.

      1. they are both quite good in my opinion. nerd block costs more for me as I don’t live in Canada. well ok its only a $5-8 difference. also, the month I got both, there were too many duplicates, as in the two sent too much of the exact same items.

      2. I hope that doesn’t happen to us. I thought the shipping was expensive… but lol I’m used to free shipping. 😛 In the States so we’re paying for that cost.

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