Birchbox vs. Julep

I usually don’t like giving premature negative reviews on this blog… but I feel I have to because I’ve shared and promoted Birchbox.

I’ll still do a  review of the items and of an updated company review once I receive the boxes from Birchbox (BB).

Personally, BB… isn’t scoring very high. My experience with BB compared to Julep​ isn’t as great as I would have thought it would be. (this is an isolated event, ALOT of Birchbox customers LOVE THEM!!).

I really prefer a more transparent company. Julep has been very straightforward with any issues I’ve had. Every customer was given the same answer and in a timely manner (don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some upset Julep customers). I think the difference is that most of these customers have the same problem…. It’s typically because they did NOT read or understand the fine print. (It is a subscription box and YES you will be charged on a monthly basis.)

MY gripe?

I received an email from a Birchbox representative regarding a concern. I used that information as a reference to answer my friends’ questions (thinking we are all treated the same across the board), only to find out BB is sending different answers to them and other customers. Not cool Birchbox. That’s my pet peeve. It causes a lot of confusion. Transparency is everything. People can screen shot your responses based on the same widespread issue.

Oh and deleting concerns off of your FB thread can really escalate a situation. I saw this done on more than one person addressing a concern on the thread because (they claimed) BB has not responded via email. To be fair, BB responded very fast to my concern… so I didn’t have the need to do the same.

Still… I hope to be “wowed” by the boxes I receive. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried some of their products already and have a review coming up soon for those (all good reviews). I think their point systems is better than Julep… and I love that they also Cater to men with the products they provide.

Nonetheless, I promised an honest review. So far Julep trumps Birchbox.

And, ladies….. they’re not just a nail polish subscription. They have a lot of wonderful Beauty products. All of which are less harmful for your beauty routine.

This can still change once I get my box from BB. But, I guess this is my updated Company review based on the business practices I’ve experienced with each company. Although, some may say it’s not fair to compare a “sample” subscription review (priced at $10/monthly) to a “full product” company (priced at $24.99/monthly), I disagree. I feel that as a consumer, I value transparency, consistency, and fair business practices to be widespread.


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