“Yeah, photo shoot fresh, lookin like wealth
I’m ’bout to call the paparazzi on myself”

**I’ve posted these pictures already on a past blog, but didn’t spend the time to appreciate the outfit.**


The outfit itself would probably stand out by itself in a crowd. The blue collared shirt contrasted by the dark fitted vest gives it a polish look. But, adding bold accessories like the “hand of the king” pin (and it’s not SMALL by any means) really takes it to another level. No, you’re not JUST a “Game of Thrones” fan… you make being a fan look good. Wearing it this way, with that attitude is not for the faint of ❤ .

Hat choice, as I’ve said before can drastically alter your outfit. The top hat gives it that edgy look. The blue feathers and golden pin accents the color scheme of your current outfit without it being too matchy. The brown brimmed hat gives it that “cowboy” appeal. All male, all attitude, all good. Part of this is also because the material used is a rich brown leather. You can tell it’s an investment piece.

Even MEN should care about their shoes. Think of it as your foundation. (haha) Since, this outfit already has an edgy feel, your shoe choice will be the visual endpoint of your outfit. In this outfit we opted for a narrow toed boots under the slim fitting jeans. The black, durable, eye pleasing footwear delivers the right message…. YOU are one well dressed REBEL.


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