Inspiration can sometimes have drought periods. I hope this will rejuvenate your creativity and inspire you to dress boldly for summer.


I also want to expand on my current mantra, it seems, about wanting to spread positivity and awareness.

Background story: My husband made a comment last night about how these pictures were one of his favorites. This was after we had long discussions about the expectations we have within ourselves (in a society based theory) and the mental state it takes to be unsettled and not be so ready to be/do what is widely accepted and comfortable. It took confidence (individually and as a family) to put ourselves out there and have FUN doing it.

In these pictures, you don’t see the passers-by looking at my husband as he posed and took direction from me (or naturally caught). Some looked out of curiosity, others probably thought we were really weird, a few waved and smiled, and one made a funny joke about not wanting to ruin the picture.


Having a positive outlook on life starts with having a positive perception of yourself. So, what passers-by thought of us that day…fell into the background noise. Our opinion of ourselves is what we draw on to feed our confidence. This is achieved by realizing your self-worth.

My kids (who were with us that day) seem to adopt this way of thinking as we take them with us to more  of these “photo” shoots.  I want them to rely in their confidence and self perception as the only opinion that counts (apart from God).

Loving and accepting the beautiful and intelligent miracle that you are, can have an impact in the simple ways you treat yourself … right down to how you dress. Feeling and looking good sometimes go hand in hand.


While a mood can also affect your way of dress and attitude, I feel that it is lacking the depth you would need to boldly tackle life. When you change your perception of self-worth and build on your confidence, the mood is the ever-changing factor of what type of clothes you might want to wear that day. You won’t have the hesitation to cater to your mood if you already have the confidence to do it boldly.

You can choose to use any accessories you want (like that awesome “Hand of the King” pin).

You also will be more likely to experiment with the fabric choice, colors, and fit of the outfit. In this outfit, the edgy feel of the boots and slim fitting jeans complimented the vest and hat choice my husband was wearing. There is NOTHING boring about this outfit. It has EVERYTHING to do with confidence.

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