BIRCHBOX $1 Deal vs. Julep Free Welcome Box

As you all know, I have been trying to find the right subscription box. Recently, I found Julep.

So, I was happy to stick with them. (I already have my box picked out for next month.) And, I think will continue to stay with them. I love that they give you full size products, they provide coupons (which for me was a free gift on my next box & a 50% off any item on my next purchase), you get to pick and SWAP things out (I like that I can have some free will here), you can SKIP a month (Yeah, AWESOME), easy cancellation (it seems), and it’s not just polish. I think one of the biggest set back that I’ve heard about Julep is that some say they experienced bad customer service (mine was GREAT) and most people don’t want to pay that much for Polish.

I was also looking into Birchbox and Ipsy. I like the idea of Birchbox because of the brands they’ve sent out in the past. But, if you have read reviews, they do state (a lot) that they get a lot of “packet” samples. 😦

Also looking at pictures of the box vs. YouTube reviews gives you a better idea of the size of the items. Am I really getting my money’s worth?

I’ve done the math with Julep, and they’re pretty honest about the value of the box. Still, I think I may give Birchbox a try because even though they are sample sizes (I think they include deluxe and full size too)- it’s the reason why you are signing up.  It gives you an introduction to items you may want to purchase in Full size in the future. Plus, I like that the cancellation process is as easy as a click of a button. (given you cancel on time.)

I may seem harsh towards Birchbox, but I want to provide an honest review. I figured, the thought process I had mirrors a lot of you guys out there. I’ll update soon if I do decide to take the offer. As of right now, I’m happy with Julep especially since I can skip. I don’t feel as obligated to have it every month.

Birchbox: and use Code: TATIOFFER


The $1 dollar deal has ended. 😦 Try using


Code: BB50OFF

to get your first box for only $5. 


(Receive an extra $10 to spend on your desired products at shop when you order any subscription, just apply this code at cart. I think it gives you 100 points after your subscription which is equivalent to $10.00 that you can use after signing up on products.)

if it doesn’t work, try….


(You receive $5, or 50 points as a credit after subscribing)

I’m sorry you missed the dollar deal, but I hope you’re able to use these codes instead.


(Please note, this Julep link isn’t the ONLY welcome box. They have different ones. 🙂 I copied this from my refer a friend link. I had to explain because I don’t want you to miss out on the actual welcome box you may want instead.)

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