The Remedy

This is for the guy who shops in HIS own closet. Here’s “THE REMEDY” for those needing some INSPIRATION.

He tries new things ONLY if it’s really different (but it still has to somehow fit in with his current wardrobe), buys things sparingly, and tends to recycle his clothes. He’s the cool guy who has those “old” shirts that are NOW considered vintage or the rip jeans done the old fashion way (it’s his favorite pair). He’s unique because he knows what he wants, but is willing to try new things.

Here’s some inspiration…. using the basics. Crewneck t-shirt, blazer, skinnies, and loafers.

I chose these colors because they are easy to find and emulate. Most of all, they are probably already in your closet. I also welcome the muted colors which lets the style and individual shine through. The “emboldened” piece IS the individual. The pieces on their own seem ordinary enough, but how we coordinate them will make all the difference.

Also, I found that the simplicity allows for more wiggle room in the amount and type of accessories. The outfit is catered to the comfort of the individual.

The blazer(oversized, $6.99 find from Salvation Army)  is a great layering piece on cool nights. It gives just enough personality without it being too much. The crewneck white t-shirt was a refreshing change from what I usually see men wear. It was crisp, hugged the body just right, and it looked soft. Something about it made me want to hug the man and let his essence envelope my senses (but that could also be because he’s my husband.)

The Joker crewneck shirt (he’s had for years) reinforces recycling clothes you already have. It gives your individuality a platform and your creativity to think of new ways of wearing them.


Notice that by simply by changing your hat (accessory) it can change the fit of the outfit. The second picture demonstrates a slightly more baggy and oversized look.

The accessories you choose to wear will create the finishing look you are going for.  And, since we chose such a simple outfit in muted colors, don’t be afraid to be creative with them. Just pay attention to the difference it makes in how it accentuates the fit of the outfit.




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