Heartstrings: Music to my Soul

Music was my refuge.
I could crawl into the space between the notes
and curl my back to loneliness.
Maya Angelou

(Courtesy of STPHEAD from YouTube)

Music happens to be an art form that transcends language.
Herbie Hancock

Music is able to evoke emotion that’s incomparable to any other senses. I think its our  brain’s way of imposing a type of structure and order on the sequence of sound that creates a new systematic meaning. It’s translating the abstract into our own version of creative juices. The inspiration we take from and appreciation we have of music is, I believe, our ability to process it’s underlying meaning in our own unique way.

This transcends into other areas of our life, including what we wear or put on our bodies.


How many of you have that jam that’s “yours?” It puts you in that mood. Whatever it may be.

I personally, have different music I jam to depending on my mood. This mood, then can sometimes reflect in my wardrobe choice. Maybe, not ALL of the time. Still, it seeps into the little things. If I’m rocking out to something edgy, I’ll find that I end up pairing that spring like baby doll dress with combat boots and purple lips. Blame it on the intoxication of musical influence.

Vice versa, I find that my wardrobe choice can also influence the music I listen to. I guess it’s my way of reinforcing that same emotion.

I heard today that music can open doorways to our creativity. In retrospect, I totally agree. Watching my husband and his friend passionately talk about music and strumming to their hearts’ content definitely inspired me to write…feel…and allow the ideas to just flow.

Music is so much more than just the notes you hear. Someone out there put work, thought, and emotion to help manipulate your senses into the type of environment that allows you to feel out and translate the song into meaning. Without that, it would be devoid of sentiment.

In the same way, put some thought into your wardrobe. Not because you’re trying to please anyone. Rather, do it to please YOURSELF and who you are striving to depict. Allow your creativity to flow.

  (Courtesy of TheEllenShow from Youtube)

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