Rescued Stranger

I invite you to at least learn more about moyamoya. This is a disease without a current cure. I have never been so moved by the individuals I have come across. Many have experienced so much, but I see constant post about running marathons, petitioning to have our own Moyamoya Awareness Day, and extending help throughout the world as a community. We can beat this… we can find a cure… if only we would spread the awareness.

Though, I am blessed with this “rare” disease… I somehow feel so much more empowered and living life with so much purpose and vigor. I’m strong because I chose to live my life to the fullest. I have very bad days sometimes, but I strive each day to hold on to the good days.

I’ve always told my husband that if I can do it… I’m going to do it. And, some of these individuals do it every day… on top of accomplishing some of the most amazing goals. However, the thing that hurts me the most is that so many have and will suffer simply because they do not know about moyamoya. This disease has been too often misdiagnosed. Let’s catch it fast, and cure it at last.

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