Road Trippin’


On our first full day in San Diego, I woke up in a big hotel room next to the man above (actually he slept on the “other” bed)! My very good friends surprised us with a double tree hotel suite with a balcony we could look out of. We both had the luxury to sleep in our own bed (YES…we sleep together people, but after a day sleeping cramped in a small car…. it was a luxury to take up the whole bed and NOT feel guilty about it.)

We were able to take our time to shower and get dressed. Our plan was to look for the hotel (we had to find another one for the last night) in Little Italy, go to Goorin San Diego in the Gaslamp area, and head over to Balboa Park.

We were going for casual and lightweight since we had a lot of walking to do that day. I didn’t realize we coordinated the same color scheme in our outfit, until after I was looking at the pictures. As a couple, we really did get sucked into looking like each other huh? This was unplanned.

Handsome was wearing:

-Red Hot Chili Peppers Shirt

– Dark washed jeans

-blue contacts

-Grey wool fedora (Goorin brand)

-black hooded shirt underneath the t-shirt

-tan loafers

-blue ear gauges

-blue accent turtle choker

-blue accent glasses

Finding Goorin was easy enough in the Gaslamp area. It was driving around the city again that was giving me anxiety and making my husband seem like a grumpy old man by the second. We parked, and made our trek through the crowd to our destination.

They had the nicest person working there and helped us a lot with our shopping. She looked extremely cool with her blue hair and quirky attitude. We even bought one of the hat feathers custom-made by her …


…. And she didn’t seem to find my excessive picture-taking tourisy. I was in love with so many of the hats…. and my husband  happened to be trying them all on!

I felt like we were just dating again. Trying on hats and laughing at ones that made us look silly and complimenting each other on ones that were nice made it seem like a really fun date.  There was a lot of laughter and good memories to be had.


The better half (ME) was wearing:

-Red collared semi-crop top (button down)

-black high waisted skinnies

-forever 21 necklace

-skinny brown leather belt

-tan flats


 After purchase pictures is a must. My husband settled on an amazing top hat that looked edgy and cool on him.

Balboa Park was not what I expected it to be.


I vaguely remembered parts of it. And, frankly I was glad. It felt like I was experiencing this for the first time like my husband was.


I love plants, but they seem to hate me. They die and desert me even when I try so hard to have them around the house. Still, it was magnificent walking through the Botanical Garden. We made it there 30 mintues prior to closing time (song popped in my head too as I wrote this.)


We were clueless about most of the things we were seeing (thank God for informational cards), but as you can see we had a lot of fun. I was fascinated by a few of the people who seem to really be passionate about these plants. THIS must have been like going to Goorin for them as they recognized plants they only saw in pictures but never in real life.


We sat on planters walls (which we realized was a no-no..oops), even had a few moments of public affections on display (look at this guy trying to look cool with his new hat), and walked the park (we tried to visit any place that was still open.)



We talked (though, I made a point that he sometimes doesn’t listen, which he replied that it was quite possible seeing that I do the same thing.)

Toured the “closed” venues. 

 And orchestrated an elaborate plan to have as much fun as possible on this vacation.

Fashion is the artistic way of living in which you utilize pieces to depict the essence of your energy and confidence on display. San Diego was our playground that day. It was the biggest “walk-way” to platform our style.


And, we did. San Deigo, eat your heart out. We definitely sang to our own tune that day, both in fashion and the fun we had.

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