Unconquered: Moyamoya Awareness

The price of ignorance is too significant when it comes to Moyamoya Disease. I want to take the time to thank each and every individual who took the time to read, share, research, and educate themselves about Moyamoya. Let’s find a cure and continue to spread the awareness throughout the world. Too often people have been misdiagnosed.. costing them their lives or pained YEARS.

Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding it in yourself to take that little bit of time to spread awareness. This is a disabling diseases. I’ve known so many who have lost their lives to it, have told me horror stories from misdiagnosis, and so many more who shine brightly with hope and courage. All I ask, is to take the time to educate yourself. If you happen to share this beyond that, thank you so much. You never know how many lives you’ve just saved by the ripple effect of taking just a bit of your time and kindness.

I know that my last blog has been pretty somber (Okay, so maybe this one too.) But, you guys are amazing. Just with this blog… I’ve reached over 485 subscribers and many more who happen to stop by!! I’m humbled by that.




2 thoughts on “Unconquered: Moyamoya Awareness

    1. Thank you for sharing that! It gives me hope to know that someone I know here… has already know Moyamoya (though it is a sad setting). It does give me hope that the more we talk about it and let people know… that’s one step closer to finding a cure. And for the many who are getting misdiagnosed at least get the proper care to help them. Thank you again… it must have been so tough to see that… but you must have a kind heart to reach out here and to be of help to them when you did work with those patients.

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