Californication Vol. 3

SAN DIEGO: The 1st Day


It took us sweat, coffee, and bloodshot eyes to get to San Diego from San Francisco. My husband drove, I navigated.

I prayed the GPS wouldn’t suddenly turn EVIL again and betray my trust. My husband swears I sabotaged the drive to San Francisco, and painlessly reminds me that I would have probably killed us or the bunch of tourist that walked the streets of San Francisco.

I have a firm grasp on reality on my driving skills-I don’t parallel park, rolling hills are a deathtrap to me, and driving in the city provokes anxiety attacks. All in all, my driving skills are limited to the open road and the familiar San Diego county I’m used to. Wide streets and more forgiving mountains to travel on, sign me up!

Having lived there, I knew the magnitude of how much my husband actually saw of California. Unfortunately the cloud of night masked the terrain for him. But, every City we passed etched another notch of gratitude and respect for this man who willingly drove all night after our San Francisco adventure.

After 9+ hours of driving, we made it to my hometown, San Marcos. I took it from there and showed off my a-ma-zing driving skills- every San Diegans had. I owned it (of course I knew the city like the back of my hand, but who cares?  I drove.)

My thoughts?

“Faccckkkkkk the streets are larger..”

“That wasn’t there, that wasn’t there that wasn’t there, OH I REMEMBER THAT!”

“Don’t freak him out and just pretend you still know where you’re going.”

“Oh good, I made the right turn. SCoRE!”

The turmoil of familiarity and extreme change in the city was clouding my judgement. To top it off, we had to find a place to sleep before checking in to our hotel in San Diego HOURS from now.


With no kids, we slept in the car like a boss. lol. Woke up to Starbucks coffee and toured the city. I took him (BRIEFLY) to Carlsbad outlet mall… right by all of the flowers… and drove him on my favorite roads to drive and run on. It was nice showing off all of the places I used to hang out, and one of the few places I used to call him at. 🙂 I took him to Mr. Taco and grabbed a Carne Asada Burrito, California Burrito then grabbed more coffee.


I showed him my second home, my best friends old house (even said Hi, to Julie spiritually… who was my second mom). Took him to the same park I used to go to… to think, which overlooked a good part of San Marcos (even though I died on that hike… bastard took it  like a champ).


Once we got to the hotel, which was provided by my very good friends (thanks Ret Ret and Big bro for the wonderful surprise), we took a very needed shower and got ready for SAN DIEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to visit the Midway and walk around that area. He was able to see Seaport Village and meet a couple of really good friends and my brothers. After a few mishaps, thanks to my muscle head brothers (no joke, he was literally a big blob of muscle walking around.) We finally found a restaurant that made us wait what felt like forever. Still, it was so nice seeing everyone.


As much as I loved San Francisco, I was happy to be back in San Diego. People smiled or nodded at you when they stared. They didn’t just stare. lol. I don’t know why I even notice that. The highways were LARGE and open- though the endless junction did get on my nerves.


The outfits we chose were light weight to accommodate more of the sunny (though it was a bit chilly in the morning) San Diego weather. As much as I tried to wear something more “spring like” we opted for darker shade colors. It was nice because it soaked up the heat from the sun. Being by the water, seemed to have dropped the temperature a bit and the wind made it a little chilly.

My outfit:

-blue contacts

-black high rise skinnies

-striped navy blue and white semi-crop top

-red beanie

-nude flats

-fingerless grey gloves

-long goldish bronze statement necklace

-leather jacket

HIS outfit:

-blue contacts

-brown chinos like pants

– black combat boots tucked under the pants

-Goorin wool fedora: Gidon Hamel

-White Princess Mononoke shirt from Teeturtle

-Acid washed Hollister jean jacket

-Choker necklace

-blue accented glasses

-blue ear gauges



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