$$$ Deals

Here's a list of discounts and deals. Hope it helps everyone... let me know what you try or use. I'm all tapped out and have hit my budget limit. ENJOY for me. lol Birchbox: Try Birchbox & get a $10 credit to your account after purchase https://www.birchbox.com/invite/5dollarbox Code: BBJETBLUE10 You receive 100 points that you can use …

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SNEAK PEEK: Special Edition

Sneak Peek: Special Edition Finally, another sneak peek. ❤ We received such a great reception last time on the Evangelion vest, we decided to milk our creative juices and DO IT AGAIN! We hope you appreciate the time, thought, and creativity that went into this. We wanted to share something that has inspired us recently, the …

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Julep Maven Perks

I have been super lazy about sharing the reasons why I decided to have JULEP MAVEN as my subscription box. (I'm still working on writing that blog, lol) But, I figured, I'd share some of the perks of being a Maven. Here's the perks, as stated in the email they just sent me this morning. …

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   Inspiration can sometimes have drought periods. I hope this will rejuvenate your creativity and inspire you to dress boldly for summer. I also want to expand on my current mantra, it seems, about wanting to spread positivity and awareness. Background story: My husband made a comment last night about how these pictures were one of …

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Try Birchbox for $1 –ONE DAY LEFT—

Hi guys, Unfortunately this offer is no longer happening and the code I had doesn't work. I provided new codes for different deals. One is a credit back to your Birchbox account (100 points) which equivalates to $10.00 in their BB store. Try Birchbox & get a $10 credit to your account after purchase https://www.birchbox.com/invite/100pntcredit

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Birchbox is offering the best (that I've seen) promotion to try them out. Your first box is ONLY $1 Offer ends: May 28th (from what I'm hearing) Birchbox: https://www.birchbox.com/invite/dollarbox and use Code: TATIOFFER ***UPDATE*** The $1 dollar deal has ended. 😦 Try using Birchbox: https://www.birchbox.com/invite/dollarbox Code: BB50OFF to get... your first box for only $5.  Code: BBJETBLUE10 (Receive an …

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Memorial Day

I wanted to take the time to remind us all (me included) to have a   MEANINGFUL Memorial Day

BIRCHBOX $1 Deal vs. Julep Free Welcome Box

As you all know, I have been trying to find the right subscription box. Recently, I found Julep. So, I was happy to stick with them. (I already have my box picked out for next month.) And, I think will continue to stay with them. I love that they give you full size products, they …

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The Remedy

https://www.facebook.com/AtypicalDisease?ref=aymt_homepage_panel (Courtesy of msy2e from Youtube) This is for the guy who shops in HIS own closet. Here's "THE REMEDY" for those needing some INSPIRATION. He tries new things ONLY if it's really different (but it still has to somehow fit in with his current wardrobe), buys things sparingly, and tends to recycle his clothes. He's the cool …

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