Jurassic World

 “Homage to black actors, but if Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t make it how the hell am I supposed to?”

…. In style, that’s how.

Living in a tropical climate usually means you enjoy 3 out of the 4 seasons less. Summer is ALWAYS around the corner. In the spirit of preparing for the upcoming summer in style, and as an homage to the  all time favorite Jurassic Park movies and upcoming hit… here’s a great way to recycle seasonal outfits for summer while sticking to the theme.


The key to this outfit is the confidence to pull off such a BOLD look casually. We’re going all the way on this one.

Most of these pieces are things you can easily find in your closet, thrift shops, and department stores.

My husband is wearing:

– Slim fitting medium washed jeans (recycled)

– graphic t (recycled over the years- most men have this in their closet.)

– Braided brown belt (recycled, bought on sale . typically find this in many department stores.)

-tan loafers (a staple for upcoming summer)

– Brown and blue tones accessories (recycled)

– Goorin Bros hat: North Fork (used a $100 off coupon… and paid $50 while in San Diego. This is a great investment piece. The material is a nice quality leather than can last through the years and through many outfit.)

Pay attention to the colors you wear. We focused on earthy brown tones, and worked from there. The red shirt worked perfect in accentuating the brown in his outfit. The medium washed jeans dresses the outfit to a more casual feel. The tan loafers is a big summer staple. It takes you away from the ordinary blue or black shoes you may usually wear. The hat is quite bold, but completes the outfit’s statement: “It’s summer!” Want something different, bold, and sets you APART from any other summer outfit you’ve had over the years?  GET. THE. HAT!

How you wear these pieces is also very important. It all depends on what you are going for. Tucking in the shirt, is a bold move especially with the accessories and HAT that he’s wearing. This is where the confidence fits in. His look has a cowboy-esque feel to it. It’s provocative, casual, and a big statement.


The outfit also has a lot of recycled items into it. For summer, if you still have those puka shell necklaces, shark teeth leather choker necklaces, surfer bracelets… whatever accessories you might have… take it out and boldly create your look.  You can even find a nice bandanna and  incorporate into the outfit. This is all about owning the look and walking out confidently in your skin (and of course in style). Also pay attention to your body type and dress accordingly. This means finding things that fit you (not too baggy, unless that’s the look you want, and not too tight). Having the right fit will make you look more put together.

        Growing up watching Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park I’ve had a hankering for a leather hat. Topple that with years of watching animal planet, discovery channel and aspirations to own my own zoo, the desire was embedded. 15+ years later I finally have obtained the perfect hat. Who knows, another 20 and I might own my own zoo, no, theme park rather. Yeah, and the main attraction will be a genetically altered prehistoric species. I’m such a genius. lol


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