Wow! Thank you!

I just noticed that I have more than 450 subscribers. Thanks for the support. I feel so blessed to have this positive community. The thought that over 450 people may be able to know Moya Moya disease through a simple blog is unreal.

My goal is still as clear as when I started this. I want to promote positivity through self-awareness and self-confidence, and spread the word about Moya Moya Disease. So many people have been so receptive and have gone the extra mile to subscribe. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

Remember confidence is always fashionable and educating yourself is always trendy.

Feel good, look good.

11 thoughts on “Wow! Thank you!

  1. hey, new theme, I can see without turning off my little helper “adblock”. and well, I’m glad you are making awareness of Moya Moya as yes I don’t know what it is. I’ll google though. I like to try to know about stuff like this. oh one more tip: don’t use more than 12-14 tags + categories per post. if you do, your post will not show in the wordpress reader. this is not huge as most traffic is from google. however, I heard google also dislikes too many tags and categories. just pick the ones that fit the most. it will work out, I promise! and your post content matters. such as, google and other search engines, they scan for keywords. don’t overuse them but careful placement helps. and making your photo title the same as what your main keyword is helps (and make the caption also the same, and possible the post title). ok those are the tips. seems you are doing well though with followers! maybe I’m being silly thinking you don’t already got this down! off to google Moya Moya now though.

    1. I really appreciate you learning about this disease. It could save lives and maybe take us one step closer to a cure. Thanks for the tips about the tags. It’s good to know. I need to break the habit of clicking it ALL! lol. I got tag crazy?? No, I’m still learning. I’m glad for the share of information with this. Otherwise… my theme would still be the same. πŸ™‚

  2. oh I read this: and that is what you were talking about yes? I am guessing this disease affects you personally either you have it or loved one does? It sounds tough. Wondering, well, I’ll search your blog, probably you wrote on this. The article there says surgery can help but implies not 100%. hmm. I am glad you are bringing awareness to this. I mean, I learned something today! Though I enjoy learning about medical stuff and well stuff in general. Anyways, wish you the best.

    1. Yes that’s it. I do have it personally. I was diagnosed after a month after my baby girl was born and after a stroke. It was a scary experience. Mainly because I had no information or the wrong information given to me by “health” advocates. I was once even told on my transfer to a new hospital in the ambulance that I could have multiple strokes until ultimately I died. It was a very negative point in my life.. and when symptoms arise sometimes still. But, I that’s why I want to promote positivity too on here. Yes there is multiple types of brain surgeries we can undergo (multiple test done before to see if its needed yet). But, it’s just a treatment. Not a cure. Since I’ve learned about it, I have found a support group on FB and online that experience the same. I learned a lot through them. πŸ™‚ Some stories are just so sad.. some being misdiagnosed for years (think 10-20years) which means they have probably experienced many strokes and have sometimes ultimately been too late to receive the treatment. Thank you for taking the time to read about it. This means the world to me, and am really humbled by it.

      1. That is quite unfortunate, that you were given wrong information, and also sounds like they implied its hopeless too. I am glad you are still alive and kicking, and well enough to do your blog and respond to all my comments! I would say, what you are doing is awesome. For sure, no need to give up hope. Given that this appears rare (it is, right?), its not shocking that some doctors you saw likely had no clue, had to go look up stuff in a book really to even know. At this point, you may very well know more than most doctors. Hope is powerful. Its not useful to tell a person all the negatives without some positives, as I feel, the mental stuff, your hope, inside, may very well keep you alive longer. Ok, I don’t mean to get all hippie spiritual here on you. If you have a post, that is the one you want broadcast the most, link it to me, I can just put it where I can, say twitter, tumblr. maybe it reaches one other person who has this. Its not to say, that I don’t realize anyone can die at any time, as unfortunately, I lost a lot of friends for various reasons early in life (drowning, cancer, cancer again, AIDS, ok that’s enough I’m getting sad, this all before we got to age 22). All young. But I’ve also got a very close friend, has a disease where he was told “oh yes you will die soon” (how rude right?), yet here it is years later, he is alive and well. No one can predict this stuff. Doctors like to think they can, but nope. Some is luck, but hope and stuff can help. I’ll be thinking positive for you (wow now you know I am a hippie!). No but really, I’ll be taking care to watch your blog, will have some concern if you disappear for over a month. Keep on with educating people. We all need it.

      2. Thank you! lol Yes, I’m alive and kicking… and spending my husband’s hard earn money on all things Julep so that my daughters and I can have “bonding time” It’s okay, I grew up in California… the hippie mentality isn’t all that hippie but rather a way of life for me. Gotta keep fighting. I’m sorry for all the losses. Though how you have changed through it made you who you are… it is still a sad reality. And, thank you for doing that. I appreciate having another way to reach people. We are getting there. Heck, Moyamoya made it on Greys Anatomy. Yeah, I was stoked. Having gone through all of this has helped me be advocates for my twins (born premature). My husband and I had so much practice at hospitals with doctors and nurses… it really helped us protect them. I’m living life to the fullest… with a different and renewed purpose. Again, thank you.

      3. ok, blessing you have been able to have kids. I cannot. infertile. permanently. sad thing for me. still processing it. can adopt yes, but still processing, thinking.

      4. I’m sorry to hear that. That’s a hard to process. I can’t imagine how you might feel only that… how you portray yourself and what you say about hope seems to be so strong and evident. But, I’m sure like I how I feel about moyamoya sometimes… it might be harder to grasp some days than not… even when we have come to find peace with it.

      5. oh also, I accept all faiths, even if its no faith at all. I wasn’t trying to sound religious at all, I try to keep that out of what I say. though the concept of hope is universal in my opinion. my experience is; was raised catholic. but have also studied tibetan buddhism to some (quite a bit) extent. and read on other things too. I even have read what atheists feel as I just like to know. just remain hopeful , I have hope for you at least.

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