Californication Vol. II

San Francisco


Guest Blogger by my husband, Geary.

It didn’t dawn on me that we finally arrived in California until we hit the city limits of South San Francisco. Seeing the huge “The Industrial City” sign and all these houses on hills was astonishing. I thought,

“no wonder landslides and earthquakes are such a big deal.”
“How do you get to your house…on the hill?
“I’m tired of my damn ears popping.”
“I bet these Hills have Eyes”

Then we drove further through and a life long dream finally became reality as I glimpsed the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was giddy on the inside yet playing it cool on the outside, I kept thinking of the opening sequence to the 90’s show Full House. In my mind I was screaming, “Oh My God, I’m here! I should of brought my leather jacket.” and “I wonder what house Caesar(Planet of the Apes) lived in? Rise of the Planet of the Apes!! Maybe I can hang from a tree or something for a really cool pic.”

    Absurd, maybe a little. Since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a resident of California. From their national/global influence in music, movies, television, and art. Cali has always been the place to be. Check out the movies The Wizard and Rush Hour. I wanted a Cali girl too so once one made her way to Florida I was obliged to make her my own.
Leaving the beautifully chilly Rohnert Park, we headed south to San Francisco. Supposedly about an hour drive away. We hit up Starbucks to gas up, plotted our scheme to ravage San Fran of all its loot and booty then drive off into the sunset like Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. The visualization in my mind was so vivid I could swear I lived it and it is now history. But that didn’t happen. So let me explain.

The weather was by far a shock from the Florida humidity. 40’s then 70’s, windy yet sunny. We were very prepared for this weather, actually welcoming it. We wore comfortable layers of clothing as not to disrupt us from walking up and downhill and driving for long periods of time in the city and what not.

My Outfit(all articles of apparel bought either clearance and/or sale)
  • Calvin Klein Boots
  • J. Crew Slim Pants
  • J. Crew Cotton Flannel
  • V Neck T shirt
  • Superman Faux Glasses Hot Topic
  • Captain America Watch Wal Mart
  • Gideon Hamel Goorin Fedora
  • Fingertip less gloves Wal Mart
  • J Crew Necktie
  • Tie Clip
  • Buddha Bracelet
  • Organic Ear Plugs
  • Choker

Arianne’s Outfit

  • Black ripped tights
  • Boots from ebay
  • Forever 21 ripped shirt
  • Leather jacket
  • forever 21 mens beanie
  • Walmart chain punk braclet
  • D&G purse

My only piece of advice for new travelers is know where you are going and have a solid game plan. Never living in Cali, and Arianne only visiting San Fran once left our plan full of blotches and holes, a messy travesty. The first being the drive from Rohnert Park to San Francisco. We thought maybe an hour to two hours we were told. It turned into three to four hours as we passed through Oakland in bumper to bumper traffic and reentered San Fransisco from behind. My thoughts while traveling,


“Why the hell is the Golden Gate Bridge over there? Aren’t we suppose to be crossing the bridge to get to San Francisco!?”
“What bridge are we on?”
“Where the hell we at!? OAKLAND! The F**K we doing in OAKLAND!”
 “Oh great, we are back in San Jose. Did we not fly in here? Why have we returned?”
 “Jesus take the wheel.”
 Driving in a rental car foreign to me, my co pilot with no sense of direction while using a GPS, and the Cali afternoon Freeway traffic had me peeling skin off my face. ON the bright side we passed the Oracle Stadium. Home of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors
Now that we finally arrived at our destination it was time to ransack this joint. I would tell you our plan but, um well the convos went something like this,

“So, where we going first?” “First we need to find somewhere to park and I want to take you to China District, Goorin Hat Shop, Golden Gate Bridge, the Parks, Coit Tower and whatever else we can do before we leave to San Diego. Maybe the pier?”


 “Well we lost two hours on the way here so where should I go to park?”
 “I don’t know? I’m not familiar, Steph just knew where to go.”
 “Ok…where should we go first to visit?”
“Umm I don’t know we can park and just walk there.”
“Where should we park then?”
“I don’t know we have to pay then there is a time limit. Omg Babe be careful these streets are like scary. Omg! omg don’t ride the brakes. I can’t see over the hill. Everyone here has bad brakes so be careful. Babe where you going?”

Our conversations drove in circles as much as I did driving around town. Slowly I grew angrier and angrier. You won’t like me when I’m angry and in a Hyundai Accent driving on foreign land on foreign hills with no sense of direction. But atlas with a quick decision she guided me to the San Francisco Recreation and Parks. My treat was being off road. Instantaneously, I reverted to Bruce Banner. The scene was calming. The view wonderful. The people…well tourist and residents. It is always nice to see history and this was one great piece of history I was glad to admire. And just a little walk away we could once again see My bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge. No signs of Magneto or Phoenix, thank goodness.


 Eventually we routed ourselves to Goorin Bros Hat Shop and after another adventure of SEEK and pray we don’t RUN anybody over we found it and Coit Tower. I buy all my hats from Goorin Bros website. They are the center pieces of my outfits. I feel nude without them. I guess I would say they bring me a serene confidence. My wife, on the other hand doesn’t wear hats nearly as often as I. She was also so terrified of parking and being towed the entire time we were in the Bay we rushed to get everything done. So we rushed through China Town, Coit Tower and Goorin Bros then headed to Pier 39. Finally we found a spot we could park for hours at. Here we enjoyed the sights of Pier 39, Alcatraz and many of the shops inside.

The remainder of the trip I would find myself dwelling back on San Francisco. As we only breezed through it. I saw enough to want to return. Return with a better plan and a couple more days to truly enjoy the treasures that we found. I understood that it wasn’t as bad to navigate around once we had a solid plan. Plus there was two other Goorin Hat Shops I wanted to visit that I didn’t. I realized the rivalry between North California and South California and I gotta admit I need another crack at Northern California. Maybe just the Bay area, maybe just California in general. I’ll stay clear of the wine tasting, but I need to taste the West Coast again.



“It reads Geary+Arianne. I thought of doodling something immature but decided against it.”

Inside Palace of Fine Arts building


The Parks and Beach that  was walking (Thank, God!) distance from Palace of fine arts in the Marina District.

As if walking up hills wasn’t enough, my husband found this to do pull-ups on.





..And so the up hill and down hill driving continues. The quest for Goorin Bros led us to Coit tower and scary death-defying parking skills by my husband.


Making it to Goorin Bros Hat shop was like introducing a toddler princess to Disney World- all  though, I have to say he kept his cool.





“Arianne where is Alcatraz?” “Ummm on an island.” “bruh…”

The blob behind us, was Alcatraz. All that we experience was worth what felt like frost bites from the biting chill at Pier 39.

4 thoughts on “Californication Vol. II

    1. Thank you, it was a breath of fresh air. We may have to make a trip down there again. lol, my husband is trying to convince me that, if we were to move to California to move to the bay area. I explained, that all though I loved it- I am a san diego girl. He can’t be convinced of it though.

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