Californication Part I

Riding on the “coat tails” of Spring Break, SXSW and Daylight Savings Time we found ourselves happily invited to attend the wedding of my best friend, Mrs. Partridge. The ceremony would be held in Sonoma County California on a beautifully brisk afternoon at a Petaluma Ranch.

Delighted to attend we packed our belongings, made arrangements for the well being of our 3 toddlers and headed west. It was my husband’s first trip to California so I wanted it to be as stylish and as memorable as possible. To be flown round trip was such a blessing and gift that I was much obliged to take the opportunity to “drive” my husband around MY state of California. lol Either drive him around Cali or Drive him INSANE I was more than successful.

Of course we took tons of pictures that I would love to share with you. Our trip started in San Jose after about a 6-8 hour flight plan. Unfortunately we didn’t take many pics of the first night. I blame it on the jet lag and constant watery eyes while reminiscing on my daughters whom were now an entire country away lol. Parenting micro preemie twins with a toddler, I almost jumped out of the emergency exit of the plane going 200+ miles per hour, no kidding.

So I will start at Starbucks, caffeine stops were plentiful. At the Airport in Tampa, Charlotte, Roehnert Park, San Fransico, San Marcos, and San Diego.


We wrote, drank coffee, and surfed the web.


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