My Spring Fling with SUPERman

Hi guys. I had to move the pictures to make rooms for new ones on my new blog posts and upcoming ones. I will be posting “My Spring Fling with Superman” soon on my FB page. Please like and follow to stay updated.

***I have already moved some pictures from my past blogs there.**

It was just a normal day in our household- I was up at 5am preparing for my daughter’s doctor appointment. I remember thinking the night before, how sad my closet look. I see the color, but putting it together seemed so taxing. I was stuck in a black, grey, white conundrum. I needed inspiration.

And then… my husband walked out in this upbeat outfit. INSPIRATION. The straw hat, small brim fedora (Goorin brand) with blue detailing reminded me of an island paradise in style. The chic Superman detailed glasses, blue Captain America watch, blue teeturtle shirt, turquoise turtle choker added to the detailing of his color scheme. It didn’t detract from the light-colored shirt, tan loafers, and light acid washed jeans. The outfit was easy, light, and fresh.

He also had a brown leather belt. The darker brown as a belt accents the hats and shoes perfectly.

Is wearing bright colors as a man too feminine? No. Don’t be afraid of color. A good trick is to also go for a neutral color shoes or hat.


My kids are also ready for spring and matched their daddy.


Be confident.


Take inspiration from nature- it is “spring” inspired.

Be thoughtful in the materials you chose. You don’t want to be bogged down by anything too heavy.


Don’t be afraid to roll up those skinnies and show some skin 😛


Being spunky is never a bad thing.

Superman indeed.


6 thoughts on “My Spring Fling with SUPERman

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    1. Haha he’s patient with me and humors me by standing behind the lense and allowing me to click away at my heart’s content. Our kids are our biggest inspiration and often what drives our ideas into reality. ❤ thanks so much for stopping by

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