Terminal Dogma

There are millions of people out there wanting to be fashionable. They want to fit in and be part of the group that is wearing all of the “right” stuff. There are also millions of people out in the world wanting to be unique. They chose each clothing BECAUSE they want to set themselves apart from everyone.

Which is the right and wrong approach to fashion? Neither. Both, is quite acceptable. Everyone is allowed to dress as they please. It is when you allow the world to dictate it, and you lose the sense of who you are that’s wrong.

Our own personal style has to be apparent in the way we dress ourselves- even if we chose to wear the latest fad. Just make sure it’s something that speaks to you. Forcing yourself to duplicate someone else’s style can make you feel unattractive and made up. This is because you skip the process of developing you own style based on who you are and what you personally like. For example, finding your signature look/piece. In my husband’s case, his hats are his signature look/piece. It is an extension of who he has developed himself to be.


The first step to understanding who you are, is to accept that YOU are already unique. All you have to do now is to figure out what you like, what type of body type you have, and the budget you are allowed. Focusing on color scheme, quality of clothing, keeping an eye out for fashion trends and not just fads will also help you along your journey. Not just to stay fashionable, but to expose yourself to many different things tha are available. You’ll realize that getting to know yourself means that you many not like EVERY fashion trend/fad out there. That’s O.K! It’s alright if you stop pursing the world’s ideal of being “normal,” “trendy,” or “different.”



Just be YOU.

Pursue YOU.



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