Hedgehog’s Dilemma

 Front View:

Salvation Army find about $6. Item was in good condition with no visible blemishes.

Back View:

Western look, feel, material, and brand.


Fitting BEFORE Changes:

Stretched & outstretched. Vest is not actually my husband’s size. But, it will work out for what we had in mind.



The Pants

The pants were another thrift store find for about $7. To compliment the look, we decided on a ripped jeans effect. I had my husband try on the jeans and marked the areas he wanted the rips to be. (We will be doing an acid wash on these jeans in the future, so look out for that blog.)

DSCN7922DSCN7906 (3)

WORK In Progress:

Prior to using any paint, stencils, and shredding- my husband and I did a lot of practice on an old shirt. We doodled on paper, mapped the spacing of text on paper, and learned different techniques to create that shredded look. There’s a part on the back of the vest, for example, that I ripped and then sewed around so that the rip doesn’t get any bigger. It looked like a claw mark as  result.

We used the same shredding and stencil technique on the front and back. The only difference was that we mapped and painted the text on the back first, then ripped around the text. We did this because the back had larger texts, and we didn’t want to be hindered by the rips before evenly placing them. My husband also free handed the “Evangelion” text to give it a more unique look.

Here’s a few links:



DSCN7683 - Copy



The ruler was used as a guide to make sure the spacing was even.


The stigma of being fashionable is that most people, including yourself, relate you with the “snob” masses of the “how to,” “name brand wearing,” “rule 1, 2, 3’s” type of people. Generally, you may notice that being trendy makes you a target of being associated with the phrase, “being just like everyone else.” Some might call it, “basic.” You don’t do it on purpose and often times you’re really out to find and express who you are.

THE END Result: 

The worse critic, is yourself. At this point, when you’ve worked hard to build on your confidence and diligently push yourself to be bolder, you could care less about what category people place you in. But, habits you notice that put you in a rut is inhibiting. You may notice that sometimes, when you start dressing up and building upon your opinion of what’s stylish, you see habits form in how you gravitate towards the “it” things of the moment and brand name favorites. This isn’t always bad. Sometimes, we pick things because of the quality and longevity of the item. Other times, its purely a reactive buy.

DSCN8036 (2)DSCN8066

THIS cost $$$. Hitting the clearance rack is always a good thing, but you’re still stuck in the general public “stylish” rack. *GASP* NOOOO!! Never.

DSCN7938 (2)

Do you know what separates the trendsetter from the stylish public? IMAGINATION, BOLDNESS, and being able to realize when you need to shake it up a bit. You’ll notice that you don’t want to be like everyone else. Expressing yourself also means celebrating what makes you unique. You really value the phrase, “embrace yourself and your geekiness.”


If this pushes you further from everyone, that’s alright. There might be someone out there who appreciates who you are. They may not say it, but they may still be inspired by you

Stepping out of the box may lead you to find a diamond in the rough. Challenging yourself like going to thrift stores, finding an item, and transforming it into something that creatively depicts your personality can be a therapeutic necessity. It’s also not only ecofriendly, cost-effective, but it allows you to step out of your box of “what’s in” for the season. YOU can create your own style that effectively promotes your uniqueness.


In our case, we were able to find a vest for about $ 6 at Salvation Army. My husband was instantly inspired, even though he didn’t quite know what he wanted to do with it at first. It was a blank canvas, full of possibilities. The fabric paint, brushes, and stencils were also cost-effective. These tools can be re-used for future projects. The experience is priceless and can also motivate you to try more things. You appreciate the work you did and yourself even more, even if it didn’t quite look the way you wanted it to look. You still tried. Either, way lets face it… when you put your heart into it…


7 thoughts on “Hedgehog’s Dilemma

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    1. Thank you ❤ My husband and I had so much fun. We have more projects in mind too! Keep up the good work with your blogs. I love visiting and looking at the beautiful pictures you take. It's an art form to evoke emotions through pictures. 🙂

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