My Spring Fling with SUPERman

Hi guys. I had to move the pictures to make rooms for new ones on my new blog posts and upcoming ones. I will be posting "My Spring Fling with Superman" soon on my FB page. Please like and follow to stay updated. ***I have already moved some pictures from my past blogs there.** …

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Moya Moya Disease Information

Terminal Dogma Bloopers

While fashion is a good past time, our main priority is our kids. The things I write about, I try to instill in them. Not, just in words, but also by the way we live our lives. Creativity, confidence, compassion, ingenuity, and knowing yourself are all things that MUST be apparent in how we raise …

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Terminal Dogma

YOU vs. YOU There are millions of people out there wanting to be fashionable. They want to fit in and be part of the group that is wearing all of the "right" stuff. There are also millions of people out in the world wanting to be unique. They chose each clothing BECAUSE they want to …

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Hedgehog’s Dilemma

 Front View: Salvation Army find about $6. Item was in good condition with no visible blemishes. Back View: Western look, feel, material, and brand. Fitting BEFORE Changes: Stretched & outstretched. Vest is not actually my husband's size. But, it will work out for what we had in mind. The Pants The pants were another thrift …

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Anime Inspired Clothes: Evangelion

Will be posted first thing this morning. It's scheduled for 9am so that I can go over it a little bit more. I hope you guys enjoy it. ❤ Here's the link to the Anime Inspired Clothes: Evangelion