One of those days (Moya Moya)

Let’s be honest, this doesn’t ONLY happen to those with Moya Moya, even if it feels like you’re being singled out. On days like this, when my head is knifing my brain and feeling better means it’s “just” throbbing, I take it easy.

It’s in my nature to want to control everything and move around. I have to constantly want to do something, or plan to. Force yourself. Leave those dishes, the floor, the laundry, and sanitizing for tomorrow. You can do a better job at doing it when you feel better. If you work, don’t do it often, but know when to rest as well. You can’t create reports, exercise creativity, and forecast a good day’s work if you feel like crap. Let your brain rest and your body as well.

My kids are my therapy. I may get frustrated faster with them on days like these, but they calm me and are so good to me. They know their mom well. My eldest child is so considerate she listens immediately, will ask me if I’m okay, and help entertain her twin sisters. She’s only 2 turning 3… and her HEART is pure gold. My middle child is good for making me feel useful especially on days like this. She wants to cuddle and be by me. EASY WORK!

Have support that works. My husband often calls or texts, and sometimes will rush home, on bad days. But, it’s also nice to have him around for making me feel like a human being not as an invalid. The way he speaks to me is someone who understands that I just need rest today. He doesn’t excite things or stress me out. Don’t get stuck thinking you’re a “sick person.” EVERYONE has had days like these. The only difference is you have to be more attentive and know when you need to call a doctor.

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