30 Day Work Wardrobe Challenge: The Time of Your Life. Good Riddance.

Day #30

Ending Credits.

This is it guys! The last post for the “30 Day Work Wardrobe Challenge.” I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as my husband and I did. (Personally, I was having the time of my life.)

I’ve explored and have been exposed to the endless possibilities of imagination and confidence. If I had to take away only one thing, it’s that as individuals, we need to break free from the constrictions of the limitations we put upon ourselves. Yes, we often blame society and what is considered to be the norm amongst our peers. But, it’s liberating to just say, “fuck it.”

So what if you don’t look like everyone else. So what if you do. It’s time to reconstruct our own definition of beauty. It starts within. It feels good, you know?

…To sit there comfortably, loving yourself- my husband taught me that lesson. He was so comfortable with the person he is now. He’s accepted the by-product of what he’s created himself to be. That’s why he’s able to sit in front of me, knowing I’m looking at all that he is behind the lenses. That’s confidence.

Love yourself. Be at peace. Explore. Produce opinions of your own. You can’t please everybody, so just start with being honest to yourself.

 DSCN7091 DSCN7093 DSCN7094 DSCN7095 (2) DSCN7098 DSCN7099 DSCN7100 DSCN7101 DSCN7102  DSCN7104 (2) DSCN7106 DSCN7107 DSCN7109 DSCN7110   DSCN7116 DSCN7118  DSCN7120 DSCN7121 DSCN7122 DSCN7123 DSCN7125 DSCN7127 DSCN7131 DSCN7132 DSCN7133

(Thank you for all of the “likes,” comments,” and following along. The views and enormous outflow of new followers is amazing. Press on!)


8 thoughts on “30 Day Work Wardrobe Challenge: The Time of Your Life. Good Riddance.

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  2. Reblogged this on AtypicalDisease and commented:

    I’m almost done finishing up the 30 Day Recap of all of the links, pictures, and day. Hope you guys truly enjoyed this. This shoot is one of my favorite. My husband finished it off with a bowler hat. Not very many men, that I know, can pull this off or would even try. It gives it a very unique look. It’s one of those show stopper and truly a representation of what I blogged about. Breaking away from your set limits. Raise the bar, and love all that is YOU.

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