High Bun, red lips, striped t, high waist shorts, and converse… is the life. Being laid back, isn’t always a bad thing. Enjoy the little things in life.

Peace ❤

    DSCN6632 - Copy  DSCN6639 - Copy  DSCN6641 - Copy DSCN6642 (2) - Copy DSCN6645 - Copy  DSCN6647 - Copy DSCN6655 - Copy DSCN6660 - Copy  DSCN6666 (2) - Copy  DSCN6669 DSCN6676DSCN6640 (2) - Copy


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hector Diaz says:

    Nice pics, I like the phrase 🙂 “enjoy the little things in life”.

    1. TriOptic says:

      Thank you, I think it’s a very true sentiment that is easy to take for granted in life.

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