January 2015 Shopping Haul: Menswear

We went and scored some menswear deals at Khols today. Anyone who has ever shopped for a man will tell you how expensive men’s clothes can be. For some reason, the universe has cursed men into $$$ doom.

But, there is hope. There’s something called, “The Clearance Rack.” A few rules my husband and I try to follow:

1. Have an item in mind (if you don’t, at least have a budget in mind) This just simply means that you know what you’re shopping for. Example: Work, party, casual.

2. Buy things only your size (unless you can tailor it cheap)

3. Don’t fall for your weakness (mine are boots). I have many of them, but I don’t always wear them.

4. Know your environment. Sometimes, that really cute coat, might not work in a tropical HOT setting.

5. Head for the clearance rack and pick through EVERYTHING!

DSCN5038 DSCN5041 DSCN5044 DSCN5045 DSCN5046

What we got?

1. Dockers slim fit grey sweater vest:

Originally $45/ Bought: $13.50

2. Dockers slim fit black (with diamond design) sweater vest:

Originally $45/ Bought: $13. 50

3. Blue and white striped Croft & Barrow dress shirt:

Originally $45/ Bought $13.50

4. Marc Anthony striped slim fit dress shirt:

Originally: $60/ Bought: $18.00

5. Apt. 9 burgundy dress shirt:

Originally $45/ Bought $13.50

6. Apt. black belt w/ silver buckle:

Originally $26/ Bought $7.80

Grand total: $85.39

Saved: $186.20

We only bought things he needed for work. Typically, the causal clothes  wouldn’t cost so much. But, sometimes dress shirts and belts for work can cost you a pretty penny. Pick out a wide variety of style. Choose from the cut, the color, patterns, and material of the item to create a bigger variety to choose from.


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