Quickie Tuesday: The Tomboy

I was really excited about a skirt I got from Forever 21. It’s a very casual spin-off on the “Pencil Skirt.” I love the comfort and the stretch(iness). Ladies, this is something you can still rock even when you have “bloated moments.”

However, as you all may have noticed, I have the tendencies to  tone down the sexy(ness) of a piece, edge out a very girly piece, or just simply HOBO the heck out of any outfit. Yeah, I guess my style borders on an edgy feel. It’s more like, SOFT edgy. Weird hobo like, definitely tomboy edgy.

So this is for my fellow tomboys who has the tight skirts, but don’t feel too comfortable showing off too much sASS.


Here’s what it looks like as advertised at Forever 21

As you can see, it is still very sporty. However, if you still feel uncomfortable… DO NOT GIVE UP ON IT! For $5.99 it was a great price, and is otherwise pretty versatile. (I’ll do the girly spin-off on this, next time.)

Here’s MY version.

(Would have had the hubby take better pictures, but here they are.)

DSCN4889 DSCN4891  DSCN4894 DSCN4895 DSCN4901

Tomboy Essentials:

1. Thrifted band tee

2. Beat up converse

3. Beanie

4. that plaid shirt you always seem to wrap around your waist



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