The Wild Thornberries

To the men who have lost inspiration or just don't know where to start. I feel that sometimes, as men, you may feel like you're stuck to the "same ole thing" lying in your closet and hanging around in department stores. Here's some inspiration. Some of the few tricks I know, as a woman, is …

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I've never given the knee-length gladiator sandals much of chance. I fell into the same judgmental crowd who saw them as the sausage link sandals. Being a very short girl, I didn't want to walk around looking like a stumpy sausage linked amazon woman. But, one trip to Khols and a spur of the moment …

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30 Day Work Wardrobe Challenge: Muggle Born

Day #25 To the modern man and a fashion forward mindset. It takes more than just a wardrobe to express yourself. It takes the wisdom to know that self-confidence is key to a happy life. No tricks up the sleeve here, just the comfort of being comfortable in your own skin. Here's to the fans and all …

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30 Day Work Wardrobe Challenge: Marilyn Monroe

Day # 24 Marilyn meet Batman. Sometimes, when you're having fun with your style you don't even really have to worry about matching or coordinating. Sometimes, individuality just becomes the NORM.           

30 Day Work Wardrobe Challenge: Sailor Moon

Day #23 A tribute to the fans. Who says you can't be fashionable with a Sailor Moon tie. Oh, yes please!!

30 Day Work Wardrobe Challenge: Blue Crush

Day #22 Dash of color, funky hat, and a tie with a personality is the right recipe for individuality. What's yours?     

30 Day Work Wardobe Challenge: A Look Back At The last 21 Days

Moyamoya Fighter

Have hope. It may have been a hard day for you, but it's okay. Breathe, listen to your body, and keep moving. God has you. Don't give up on yourself. I know it can be very frustrating sometimes. You'll notice yourself yelling at yourself in spurts... it's okay. We all have done that. But, get …

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30 Day Work Wardrobe Challenge: “I hate you so much”

Day #21 Something fun.  

30 Day Work Wardrobe Challenge: Grid lines

Day #20  Grid lines. Pinpoint an interest and express it in little pointed ways.