Autmn Mint

courtesy of my husband.



Bottled, four seasons, spring into Summer fall into Winter.

Autumn, Her name. Pale as the ail*ment symptoms sustained. Succumb, vascular functions flustered. Stumble.

Twisted stomach aches create Pandora’s maze for the butterflies to tame.

Arch, gravitate back across Autumn’s Bridge.

Pointed toes to guide thy direction.

Traverse cautiously through new fell snow.

Hurry, tip-toe, Winter’s mercy reluctantly cakes paw prints with ghost powder snow.

Acid, food dribbling down our postmortem palates.

A beautiful ballad of black, braggadocious, bigotry.

Macabre polka-dot mushrooms architect the pinkprint choreography for Autumn’s Waltz. Entitled Wipeout.

Wicked we, idoly picket her palpable posterior, trance.

Circles spin to swirls, peppermint spirals encompassing the world.

Such a stellar, morning view. Succubus.

Winterfresh, Spearmint, Autumn Mint.

Intergalactic Starfleet Captain Julius “Incubus” Dapper.

Warp drivin’ powered warp drive on a jive ass Warped Tour donning Starship Enterprise steadfast

To reprise Autumn’s Mint Sunshine. Cinnamon sweet sunshine.

-Geary Davis (GD)


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