Chicken Pox or Allergic Reaction

To all of the mommys’, daddys’, doctors’, nurses’, ANYBODY!

This is from my Facebook post- a question for anyone who has gone through this. My daughter is 2 1/2 years old… and yes my nickname for her is Chubs 🙂 Please anything will help. Hoping I can cover all avenues and get some feedback.

“Had to take Chubs to her primary care [doctor] tonight and didn’t get back until after 9pm… for what looks to be an allergic reaction/chicken pox? Doctors are stumped, but no fever or anything showing that she is coming down with anything except for rapidly advancing bumps that are too small for the full form of chicken pox but doesn’t have all the characteristics of an allergic reaction. Basically, she didn’t know. So, we have her on steroids and Benadryl. Will be up tonight- baby girl is knocked out. She has had her shots and are current. Doctor says it’s rare but she has seen kids come down with a very mild form of chicken pox. It’s tinier than what chicken pox would look like and are about 50 bumps or less. She has way more than that and has had the bumps advance quite rapidly from her chest to her legs in a day. She was playing, acting fine, no fever, or runny nose. Just wondering if anyone has had kids have something like this… lol an odd form between an allergic reaction and mild chicken pox?”


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