What to wear to Disney World

Day 1


It was a chilly morning for Florida, but we knew how it changes so fast. Rule of thumb… dress in layers. It tends to be cool in the morning, if it is still okay in the afternoon- all that walking will warm you right up, then chill at night.

I don’t mind the theme and matching outfits- our take on it is a little bit more subtle. It’s our “Brave” take on Disney inspired outfit. We all had plaid somewhere in our outfits.

Husband outfit: Goorin hat (on sale)/Pacsun shirt and pants (got on sale buy 1 get 2 free)/ Suede shoes (calvin Klein from Ross)/leather choker dream catcher necklace on sale

Me: Ebay cutout shirt ($5)/ Ebay black pants ($5)/ plaid scarf from forever 21 ($4 free shipping deal)/Black forever 21 beanie ($3 free shipping deal)/ Moda brown boots from Ebay (I think it was $12)/brown shoulder bag (Goodwill $3)

Daughter: Red coat (thrift store $4)/ batman shirt (Walmart $5)/ Suspenders (Khols or Burlinghton $7)/ Jean skirt (thrift store $2)/ tights (Walmart $3)/ Converse pink high top (ebay $7)

DSCN3072   DSCN3106 DSCN3126


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