Tuesday: Savings at Khols


We went to a doctor’s appointment and ended up at the  Clearance racks at Khols. Here’s our $10 or less finds. MEN-your clothes don’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg. Women budgeting can sometimes pay off. Here’s what we found for about $30:

1. Mint short sleeve men’s dress shirt: $7.20 (Originally $36/Craft & Barrow)

2.White short sleeve men’s dress shirt: $3.60 (Originally $36/ Craft & Barrow)

3. Striped red short sleeve men’s dress shirt: $10 (Originally $50/ Van Heusen)

4. Basic black women’s muscle tank top: $2.80 (Originally $14/ Mudd)

5. Gold Metallic (awesome) women’s sandals: $4.49 (Originally $44.99/ SO)

6. Toddler sandals: $3.49 (Originally $34.99/ Sonoma)

     DSCN2964 DSCN2968 DSCN2971DSCN2959

Quick Tips:

1. Look at every piece of clothing

2. Don’t always go by hanger sizes/ box sizes (look at actual item size)

3. Look at surrounding areas (people hide stuff in the hopes that it will still be there for them/ or just misplace things

4. Try on and make time to browse

5. Have a budget in mind and don’t over spend. I left the shoes there last time because it was $10. Now, there’s more of a discount! <– this doesn’t always happen.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love a good deal! I go to Burlington a lot myself. Khol’s is nice too.

    1. TriOptic says:

      I just introduced Burlington to my husband. Great clearance items! I forgot to add in there that they have a rewards program too.

      1. They have great coats as well for cheap!

      2. TriOptic says:

        That’s what we are going back for 🙂 They have a great selection if you take the time to look through the chaos.

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