Tuesday: Savings at Khols

We went to a doctor’s appointment and ended up at the  Clearance racks at Khols. Here’s our $10 or less finds. MEN-your clothes don’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg. Women budgeting can sometimes pay off. Here’s what we found for about $30: 1. Mint short sleeve men’s dress shirt: $7.20 (Originally…

Menswear: Fun Workflow Ideas

  Needing ideas for a fun workflow ideas? Here you go men. Pay attention to the textures and accessories (Remember always abide by company policies, but a fun tie never hurt anyone). **Also you may have heard that Navy and black is a big no no- honestly do what looks good and makes you feel good….

Simple and Sweet MM

My purpose for this blog has definitely evolved. The main root of this whole journey is still very present. I write and blog what inspires me. Right now, this inspires me which is Fashion- not as an expert but as an expression of my confidence. I want to show that although, I still tackle the hassles…

Building memories with my 2 year old

Building memories with my 2 year old. Here’s an update. We have started on the cover! My 2 year old even let her little sister help her with the stickers. This is all her! love it!!  

Friday: Girlified Tomboy

My kind of tomboy Make it pop with the lip color you chose. I chose purple to add some edge. Duck Dynasty ($3 Walmart) shirt- DYI fringed that I learned on YOUTUBE Skinny pants. Hat ($5 at Walmart)

TBT: Daddy Day Care

Your sense of style and what makes you, you shouldn’t be thrown out the window now that you’re a dad. Here’ a casual take to that dress shirt.  

Hump Day: For the guys- Contact lenses

Want a cheap drastic change? Try Contact Lenses.   http://www.colouryoureyes.com/ Check the sales items or reduced price. Great quality and reasonable price. Free shipping. We buy the solution from Walmart and multiple cases. They also have a link showing how to take care of your contacts and eyes.

Quickie Tuesday: Plaid inspiration

Be inspired. Make it YOURS. Have fun. Faux Leather Skater skirt (knee-length in style. Glow Brand. $8 bought on Ebay New.) Pac Sun Plaid shirt (Boxy crop top. on sale $8)

Quickie Tuesday: Chunky heels

I think at some point in a girl’s life, we decide to make the bold decision to try on a pair of heels and be apart of the HEIGHT of fashion. How well we stay up and for how long is another matter. For my QuickieTuesday, I’d like to pick one of my all time…

Menswear Teaser: denim shirt for fall

As promised, here’s a teaser for future menswear blogs….wearing a denim button down shirt. When you think denim button downs, cowboys often come to mind. Sexy, yes… but realistic? Maybe a little bit uncomfortable for guys just testing the waters. So here’s a few ideas in dressing down the button down shirt in a more…