Google “Moyamoya”

I wish we had something to spread the awareness for Moyamoya. I guess it’s not provocative enough. The first follow up appointment I had after finding out I had MM, my doctor told me to Google it. This shows the lack of awareness even among doctors. Any ideas?

As a group, I just saw a thread among MM survivors who want to spread the news in a creative way. Ice Bucket Challenge is great- but honestly, water is such an important part for those who have MM. We need it more within us. Maybe simply Googling the disease is enough.


There has been individuals who have been misdiagnosed for YEARS and countless more who have passed away. There are also a lot of us who are fighting, helping to spread the awareness, and are living our life to the very fullest. Typically those who have MM are also stroke victims. We have gained a little steam…. Grey’s Anatomy had a show about MM. I was over the moon. Perhaps just sharing on your page to Google Moyamoya would set a different and maybe slow wildfire.


One thought on “Google “Moyamoya”

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    Here’s an update:

    The Moyamoya community has decided that we are doing a Water Challenge. Drink a glass of water in honor of those who suffers/suffered from Moyamoya and donate $10.00 to research. Please spread the awareness by word of mouth and sharing the news. Simply blogging “Google Moyamoya” would even be enough.

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