The NECK of the household.

respect love cycle

Women need to learn how to respect themselves and how to also respect their husbands. It took me and my husband awhile… and we are still learning. But it takes great women, experience, the bible, and the holy spirit to reexamine how I treat my marriage and the one in it with me. Women may start to find that choosing to love is only hard when you harbor resentment, and so learn how to forgive as well. This… coming from a work in progress. And, one of the most imperfect souls that “I” know- (me). Respecting your husband does not forgo the respect you have for yourselves. It has become a trend in the mindset of  adult women to believe in the trend that putting your husband down breeds an elevation and restoration of the respect due to them. In fact, what tends to happen is breed and harbor animosity- all respect and love out of the window. Show respect for yourselves and mindfully and properly express concerns that deeply bother you. Perhaps, they may not listen. That is another monster all in it self- but remember that it is not your job to change that person. It is however, your choice to love (whatever that may mean for you and your marriage.) For me, at some of the most crucial times- it meant that I stay. Sometimes, I kept silent. Learning when to communicate your thoughts and how to communicate your thoughts may be one of the contributing issues.


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  1. This is a tough one, for both. The toughest part is that, for whatever reason, for a time, it may be one or the other spouse that bears the greater burden in this. Patience in this, without bitterness, is rewarded. Blessings, AD!

    1. adavis0219 says:

      “Patience in this, without bitterness, is rewarded.” I concur! We all go through our seasons don’t we?

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