Curiousity killed the cat…

My husband and I have been pouring over the bible (mostly genesis and a few other passages) about a subject that came up at work.

Dead Sea Scrolls


Giants (in terms of angels mating with humans)

… We just can’t make sense of what people are saying online and what some are saying about this. In my mind state, I wonder how an individual can believe in everything and yet still hold on to the teachings of creation. There just doesn’t seem to be enough information out there to support that Lilith was really supposed to be the first eve or that angels mated with humans to create giants.

Thoughts anyone? Please support with scripture/documentation


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  1. Well, it’s a big subject with lots of sources. The Lilith story may be just legend, but it does seem to have the ring of truth in some ways. Maybe it does have some part of the creation reality. ZMalfoy, who blogs over on 4gfc, has written about Lilith and claims she was the first feminist. (LOL)

    Haven’t thought too much about the giant thing, but the topic does come up in the Bible, as well as from other sources, just like dragons do. I’m inclined to believe it, although the details are sketchy. Might have to have a little whiskey to think about it properly. 😉

    1. adavis0219 says:

      I haven’t been here in quite awhile… what’s the title of that piece?

      1. Well, some of what I remember was just comments on different blog posts, but she’s written about those things more formally; I just can’t find them right now. I will let you know if I do! Interesting stuff.

      2. adavis0219 says:

        Thanks! And, yes- my memory of things and what I know of this really is coming off of what I may have read in the past. And that was so long ago lol. Thanks looking forward to reading it- I’ll shift through some of the other things on that blog though (always great to read!)

      3. Thanks for saying so! 🙂

  2. adavis0219 says:

    Lol, whiskey indeed. My husband and I found that a lot of the references people make in regards to lilith or giants (half angels/humans) are made through people’s interpretations of the text. I say a lot, but really I think lilith is only mentioned once, but it doesn’t seem to be in the same context or story line as the lilith many people refer to. As for the giants, depending on what you believe, some believed that Adam (and those of his decendents) may have been quite tall hence giants. Sons of God, that people may take to mean angels can also mean the geneology between cain’s decendants and those of Seth. Just as they mention daughters of men. It’s been pretty interesting though, but there is just sooooo much out there. Thanks for the input. I must read it!!

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