I’m feeling a bit lazy, and this “rant” won’t be an adequate depiction of how I really feel, of what I should really write, and of the things I should censor out of this. So here it goes…

Why as Christians do we believe that everything we feel is a Godsend to the mere brethrens and “non-Christians?” How do we honestly decipher which is from the pits of our “agenda” stemmed from our own emotional convictions and that of God’s “pushings?”

We tell people how they are feeling and are acting. We stop listening and only hear the beautiful “toot” of our words. Please, don’t lose the people. I feel and see it happen too often. Whether it be Christian against Christian or Christian to a non-believer.

I do believe that God calls upon us. I do believe that He speaks through us. What I don’t believe is that bible bashing, self satisfying, and absolutely non-listening crowd. I did it. Please allow the holy spirit to do its real work. Please don’t deny God’s power by tarnishing his credit with your own agenda. It doesn’t help. People will feel pushed away and judged even before you’ve delivered the message. We are to plant the seed. Let’s trust God as well.

To your brothers and sisters in Christ, be mindful as well. What you say and do can significantly affect how they view things about you. It is hard to lose faith in God only in people. If you truly believe that they are blessed then don’t hammer them into thinking they are doing something bad because they’ve hit a rough patch. God isn’t so fickle. And, we have power over the devil. Instead in prayer, let us build each other. Let us claim what is already ours. And let us listen to what is truly going on. Maybe then, a Godsend answer would be sent to your heart.

Good Night WordPress.


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  1. Soduhson says:

    I agree, Christians have a habit of telling people how they feel without listening to them. “Are you depressed? That’s only because you want to be. Now be happy (problem solved)” I can’t stand hearing things like this, it’s no wonder there’s a falling away from the church.
    We need to listen, to God AND the person we’re trying to help, before we speak.

  2. adavis0219 says:

    Thanks Soduhson, that’s exactly how I feel. It happens too often. Sometimes, I know we’re just feeling very passionate. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be passionate. It’s just that we also have to mindful we don’t drive people away before we can deliver the message. It’s not about us. It’s about God.

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