To the “humble” man.

If you keep calling yourself humble and an upright man, being content as to who YOU describe yourself to be; You’re only fooling yourself and failing the Lord. What you really are is a SELF righteous man always defining who you are and not that of the Lord. Walk the walk that gives glory to him. Seek to be humble and know that you are never perfect- it is He who is perfect. Seek to live an upright life, only He can guide you in it. 

We are the salt to this world. The truth we bring causes a sting of preserving what God has intended us to be in relations to him. Before examining others and the trials that they go through, look at the reflection of who you have become. Quantity isn’t always quality in life. This applies to any type of relationships and ventures in life. Remember, we ALL fall short.


14 thoughts on “To the “humble” man.

  1. We can be arrogantly humble. Not much different than the Pharisees who Jesus criticized. We need to get over ourselves and realize what it means to give your life to God.

    1. Soduhson, yes so true. I know I’ve done this so often. I feel so proud of who I think I am. It should be his message we need to tell not ours. We focus too much on ourselves that Jesus is lost to us and the world because f it.

  2. Hmmm. I consider myself a humble person, though I don’t make the claim orally. I treat all others with respect and do my best not to judge. I do the best I can and try not to call too much attention to myself. I don’t brag and don’t take compliments easily. I try to live a simple life, don’t spend too much. I don’t have to keep up with the Joneses, I am my own person. I feel my words and actions speak for themselves, but by definition I would consider myself humble. There is nothing wrong with knowing who you are.

    1. My computer erased my last comment. -.-;;

      Hi appletonavenue,

      You make a valid point. There is nothing wrong with knowing who we are. I think we also need to know who we are in Christ, and strive to be that person he calls us to be. And, yes by definition, you do live a humble life. However, by God’s definition, no one comes close which is why Jesus Christ was called to bridge the gap. Only he lived and still lives to be perfect. I just feel that too many people today, including me, have lost people when sending the message of Christ because it bore too much of the message of me and not Jesus. We are imperfect and will continue to disappoint people, because how they perceive our lives includes all the things we might not see and its’ not always a pretty picture. Jesus will never disappoint. This doesn’t excuse us into living a life full of sin. Our lives should compliment the teachings of Christ and also expressed that although we fall short, he loves us nonetheless. I wrote this in relfection of this verse (thanks to my good friend Candy):

      We are all infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags. Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall, and our sins sweep us away like the wind. (Isaiah 64:6 NLT)

      1. I live a peaceful, humble life. I am imperfect but my family does not expect perfection and I don’t expect myself to be perfect either. All I can do is my best, and my best is not perfect. No one’s is, and to expect perfection is to plan defeat.

  3. Very very true appletonavenue. I can’t argue with that- we are a far cry from perfection. “No one’s is, and to expect perfection is to plan defeat.” Right again, and that’s why I believe that Jesus was sent to fill that very long gap.

    And what a wonderful family you have. I really didn’t mean to offend, and I do believe that you strive to be just that person. I guess I was writing not to criticize anyone personally, but of myself. I found myself victim to pleasing the expectations I’ve set. It’s not that I’m attaining perfection or that I believe I can. The message is more on the perceptions Christians have as a whole. The ways the world views them and how we view ourselves as Christians.

    There’s a lot of disappointment in the way we live and are because we aren’t perfect. How we come off and approach people might alienate them. We focus so much on being right and bible bash them that we forget to tell them about His grace, His perfection, His love. I’ve been so guilty trying to sell my story, I haven’t told his. It made me sad to see my brothers and sisters in Christ do the same. The inspiration is that even though we fall short and are blemished, we are still loved by him. It’s just like how your family embraces and loves you even with all the good and shortcomings that makes you, you. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect. He is that for us.

    Who am I to tell you, you don’t live a peaceful and humble life? Who am I to say you are not humble? I’m sure your actions speak humbleness in your daily lives. Thanks so much for your insight.

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