Because this epic man is mine and it’s his birthday….and I can blog if I want to.


Happy Birthday to my husband who selflessly supports me and our girls while we wait on Kairi to get out of the hospital. Day in and day out he works hard so that I can stay by Kairi’s side. Over 7 months now and this man has not wavered. His girls love him, and as you can see he loves them. He is the most loyal, honest, and intellectual man I have ever known. As my bestfriend, his honesty and insight are never boring and always refreshing. If you know him, you’ll know that asking for his opinion means really asing for his opinion. He tends to deflect from the normal jabber of what “everyone” else might tell you. His heart is pure. He loves the Lord. He loves his family. He loves loves loves. He’s also the funniest man I know. Clever and witty- sometimes I wish I could file away a lot of the epic things that he says. He’s far from perfect, but he is just what we need. Thank God this man was born!

 (It’s a long commute from our home to the hospital and only have one car.) He always manages to say goodnight to his baby girls. ❤ What a bond.




4 thoughts on “Because this epic man is mine and it’s his birthday….and I can blog if I want to.

  1. It’s a joy to hear praise like this within such a family. Your marriage is like a supernova that bathes everything around it with blazing light, dazzling yet unblinding. You have a good man there. Bless you for raising him up. Bless him on his birthday!

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