I’m 26 years old and in the previous year I experienced the joy of giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, experiencing a stroke, then finding out that I have a rare disease called Moya Moya. 2012 has been a year filled with uncetainties and doctor appointments.

I later found out that I was also pregnant towards the end of the year. The biggest suprise was that my husband and I were going to have twins- IDENTICAL Twin GIRLS. Throughout my pregnancy, I didn’t much feel any symptoms of Moya Moya as much as I did when after my stroke. However, when stress and exhaustion were present, I found that my speech and sometimes tingles affected my daily life. I was blessed enough not to experience too much headches.

However, as my pregnancy progressed so did other complications. Thankfully, not as a result of Moya Moya, but just nature itself. Doctors were scared that my twisn my experience twin twin transfusion. I was being monitored every week. My job became more stressful. Then my one year old experienced a siezure and the stay at the hospital added more stress. Even family became stressful. My only avenue of relief is God, my daughter, and husband. As time progressed, I tried very hard to stay focused on being healthy. Unfortunately, I ended up having my twin girls at 26 weeks. They were both so small, weighing in at slightly over a pound.

It really has been a roller coaster. They have been in the nicu for a little over two weeks. Both have been so strong. My little one year old, my chubs, has been such an angel. And my husband? Well through all of this he truly has been a constant supportive best friend. He drives me to doctor’s appointments, checks up on me and picks up a lot of the slack. He may not always be an angel- but when it comes down to taking care of us, he does it.

At this point, I’m back on Lovenox for probably another six weeks. Self injectiosn twice a day 50mg. And on baby aspirin. My doctor’s appointment with my neurologist is coming up this Wednesday. I’m hoping they tell me that I can be back on just baby aspirin.

I’m hoping through my journey, I can somehow find some type of natural supplement I can take besides aspirin. However, I can’t complain. It’s better than being on coumadin and on Lovenox.

As someone who is going through this on a daily basis. I just want to encourage others to continue on learning as much as you can. More often than not, you’ll have to explain this to family, friends, and even doctors. Don’t be discouraged. Look at me. I have had THREE babies. 🙂 And, I am VERY active. FULL TIME MOM, WIFE… and was also working full time. Just make sure you take care of yourself.

I have learned, although sometimes difficult and painful, to cut off things and people who don’t benefit my health and positive thinking. It’s too easy to be pulled down. Having a great support group will help tremendously.

Truly blessed.


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